We’re accepting new members!

Are you yearning for more personalized primary care? Shorter wait times? Better access to care? The good news is that membership in Dr. Westmoreland’s concierge medicine practice provides 24/7 access directly to her, shorter wait times for appointments, and a more personal relationship with your doctor.

Our primary care medicine practice offers several membership options for those who want to become new patients.

Joining is simple.

  1. Book a Meet & Greet with Dr. Adrianne Westmoreland This is a complimentary, personalized session where you can get to know Dr. Westmoreland and learn more about her practice, including how concierge primary care can help you achieve your healthcare goals.
  2. Choose Your Membership Plan We offer annual memberships for all genders aged 6+. (Call for under 6.) Memberships options are noted above. The fee includes enhanced access to Dr. Westmoreland as your dedicated physician, an annual physical exam, and as needed follow-up and specialty wellness visits. You can find more information in our FAQs.
  3. Complete Your Membership Agreement You can do this in our office or online through our Patient Portal.

After you join, our staff will collect your past health records from various providers so Dr. Westmoreland has a complete picture of your health history. She will then meet with you to discuss your history and any specific health concerns you may have. Following that, you will have a comprehensive annual exam where Dr. Westmoreland will help you tailor a personalized primary care plan that meets your individual needs.

Book a Complimentary Meet & Greet with Dr. Westmoreland Today.

If you’d prefer to contact us directly, you can call us at (612) 455-0817.