For Adults

Dr. Westmoreland offers comprehensive care for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. With a primary focus on disease prevention, she also brings extensive experience in disease management to her practice. Dr. Westmoreland employs a holistic approach to treatment, incorporating various modalities such as lifestyle modifications and medications to optimize patient outcomes. Whether it’s preventing illness or managing existing conditions, patients can trust in Dr. Westmoreland’s expertise and dedication to their health and well-being.

For Children

While she previously cared for patients of all ages, Dr. Westmoreland now focuses on providing exceptional care for children aged 6 and above. Parents can confidently entrust their children’s well-being to Dr. Westmoreland, knowing that she is committed to delivering the highest standard of healthcare tailored to each child’s unique needs and promoting their optimal health and development.

For Business

Dr. Westmoreland offers comprehensive healthcare services tailored for your employees, prioritizing lifestyle medicine to optimize their ability to work at their full potential. With a commitment to proactive care, she ensures same-day and next-day access, minimizing staff absences and promoting a healthy, productive workforce. Employers can rely on Dr. Westmoreland to deliver timely and effective care, ultimately contributing to improved employee well-being and organizational success.


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Our mission as your healthcare partner is not only to treat illness, but to empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. By emphasizing preventative health, advocating for lifestyle modifications, and championing the care of the whole patient, we are dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives within our clinic walls and throughout the broader community.

Our commitment to health and wellness places the patient in control of their health journey.

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Online Consultations

At Concierge Medicine of Minnesota, we prioritize patient convenience and accessibility. Prospective patients can schedule online consultations or virtual meet-and-greet sessions to explore if our concierge medicine services align with their healthcare needs and preferences. Additionally, we occasionally host virtual Q&A sessions where patients can engage with our team and learn more about the benefits of our personalized care approach.

What Patients Say

"Dr. Westmoreland is a great doctor who really cares and listens to all your concerns and questions. She advocates healthy lifestyle and is more than happy to give tips and tricks along the way. She is straight to the point, (no beating around the bush) which is what we need in a doctor! Sometimes we need to hear it how it is and figure out where to go from there. She’s never shy about running tests to fully rule out any possibilities. "
Healthgrades Review Anonymous
"Finding a doctor that actually looks at you is hard to find, let alone finding someone that CARES about you as well. Dr. Westmoreland has really taken the time to help me manage my health in a day to day way that fits for me. She listens to all of my concerns and considers they carefully before making a game plan WITH me. I never feel like just another patient in her office. She truly sees the person and not just a chart. I wish more doctors would be like her. "
Megan S.
"Dr. Westmoreland is amazing! I can’t talk highly enough about her. She was extremely thorough and made me feel like she heard my concerns for my kids health and cared for them like her own kids. She truly loves what she does and you can see that!!! She has a special gift!!! My kids loved her and her fun personality! Highly recommend her."
Natalie Ann

Meet Dr. Westmoreland

Dr. Westmoreland, a native of Greenville, SC, brings a decade of experience in broad-scope family medicine to her practice. Now, she offers exceptional concierge care with a focus on lifestyle interventions in Apple Valley, Minnesota, prioritizing personalized wellness for each patient.

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