With our Concierge Medicine membership, you receive 24/7 direct access to your primary care physician, Dr. Adrianne Westmoreland. Dr. Westmoreland is an expertly-trained, board-certified family medicine physician who provides evidence-based primary care for the whole family for one annual fee. You may reach her anytime via phone, text and email.

Dr. Westmoreland provides up-to-date medical care with an enhanced physician-patient relationship and exceptional customer service. We focus on the care of the whole patient, including physical, mental, and social determinants of health. We ensure you have the time needed to ensure you’re reaching your health care goals. Concierge medicine eliminates the barriers of third-party payers (e.g., health insurance and Medicare) and creates a direct relationship with the patient.

At Concierge Medicine of Minnesota, we guarantee same or next-day appointments with your physician. By offering longer, unhurried visits, we provide a personalized health and wellness plan, disease prevention strategies, and continuity of care. There is little to no wait time in our office, meaning you are not wasting time to see your physician. Dr. Westmoreland coordinates specialist care and appointments and ensures you are receiving the best care possible. If needed, she may assist with coordination of your specialty care, hospitalization, and during your ER visits.

Our office provides in-house blood draws for labs, an in-house pharmacy with discounted medications, and access to botulinum toxin.

Interested in receiving care in the comfort of your home?

Dr. Westmoreland offers home visits for an additional charge for all of her concierge members. 

The Concierge Difference

Traditional Medicine
Concierge Medicine of Minnesota
Time with Physician
10-20 minutes
30-90 minutes
Included with membership
Patient Population
1500-2500 per physician
Next Appointment Availability
4-6 weeks
Same day or next day
Wait Time
20-60 minutes
Little to none
Urgent Care Visit
Included with membership
After Hours
Limited to physician on-call
Direct access to your physician