Dr. Westmoreland is a physician with a decade of dedicated service in rural family health. She has witnessed firsthand the profound impact that preventative health measures, lifestyle modifications, and comprehensive patient care can have on individual well-being and community vitality. Dr. Westmoreland’s journey in medicine has been shaped by a commitment to empower patients to be not just recipients of care, but active participants in their own health journey. She is fueled by a passion for preventative medicine and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between lifestyle choices and health outcomes. She is dedicated to promoting holistic wellness and advocating for care of the whole patient.

In rural healthcare settings, where resources may be limited and access to specialized care can be challenging, Dr. Westmoreland has grown her skill-set and experience. Through her years of experience serving diverse communities, she has come to recognize the transformative potential of empowering individuals to make informed choices about their health. Whether through education on nutrition, encouragement of regular physical activity, or fostering mindfulness practices, Dr. Westmoreland believes in equipping patients with the tools and knowledge necessary to not only prevent illness but to thrive in their daily lives.

Frustrated with traditional medicines constraints on care, Dr. Westmoreland sought to break from the fee-for-service model. She focused on creating a deliberate and calm experience to give patients quality care they deserved. Knowing that every patient is unique, with their own set of circumstances, values, and aspirations, Dr. Westmoreland takes the time to meet patients where they are is essential to developing a patient-centered approach. This allows for the development of tailored care plans that address the root causes of disease and promotes sustainable lifestyle changes.

Dr. Westmoreland is committed to staying abreast of the latest research, advancements, and best practices. By continuously expanding knowledge and skills, Dr. Westmoreland aims to provide evidence-based care that is both effective and compassionate.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, Wofford College
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, Wofford College
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Family Medicine Residency, Seneca Lakes Family Medicine Residency
  • Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, American Academy of Family Medicine
  • Candidate, American Board of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Candidate, National Association of Menopause Providers