Employer Health Plan

At Concierge Medicine of Minnesota (CMOMN), we provide an exclusive employer health plan designed to offer exceptional, personalized healthcare for your employees. Our membership-based model ensures comprehensive care, emphasizing cost transparency, accessibility, personalized care, and improved health outcomes.

Employer Health Plan Benefits

Cost Transparency 

  • Predictable Costs: Enjoy cost savings with a simple, flat, and affordable monthly membership fee. For as little as $60 per month per employee, you can ensure outstanding healthcare for your workforce.
  • Significant Savings Potential: Effective and accessible primary care can significantly impact future healthcare costs and employee health.


  • Timely Access to Care: With prompt scheduling for in-person and telehealth appointments, long wait times are a thing of the past. Our model ensures that your employees receive the care they need when they need it.
  • Continuity of Care: Benefit from 30-60 minute appointments with a dedicated healthcare team familiar with your employees’ health, ensuring both preventive and acute needs are effectively managed.

Personalized Care 

  • Employee-Focused: Our physicians spend the necessary time with each employee to provide broad, evidence-based primary care tailored to individual health needs. Our longitudinal, gender-specific primary care ensures a high-end experience, leading to higher employee satisfaction.
  • Wellbeing Partnership: We develop meaningful and impactful relationships with each employee, leading to healthier individuals and lower healthcare spending for your organization.

Improved Outcomes 

  • Enhanced Health Metrics: Our model leads to significant improvements in health outcomes, including:
    • 83% reduction in elective admissions
    • 49% reduction in avoidable admissions
    • 90% reduction in readmission rates per diagnosis

Now is the perfect time to elevate the care of your employees. CMOMN’s proven model is designed for optimal workforce health, supporting employee retention, reducing healthcare costs, and boosting overall satisfaction.

Membership Options and Fee Structure

Our programs include discounted lab tests, in-office procedures, diagnostic testing, and cancer screenings. Labs and vaccines can be billed to insurance, subject to approval.

Our providers offer four tiers of care; choose one or a combination of tiers to meet your company’s needs.

Join CMOMN’s Employer Health Plan to provide your employees with a higher standard of care. Our dedicated team is here to support their health journey every step of the way.

Contact Us

For more information or to enroll your organization in our employer health plan, please contact us at 612-455-0817.