Free InBody Analysis

At Concierge Medicine of Minnesota, we utilize biometric technology for various purposes. It’s a tool in Dr. Westmoreland’s “wellness toolbox” to analyze bioelectrical impedance, which helps us create your unique wellness roadmap.

How does it work?

Our InBody Composition Analyzer provides a detailed snapshot of your body composition. Using electrodes, the InBody sends safe, painless electrical currents through the body’s water to measure body fat, total body water, and fat-free mass—the part of the body that has no fat, such as muscle and bone.

The scan takes about 45 seconds and provides us with valuable information about your body. Unlike typical body mass index indicators, the InBody pinpoints how water mass, lean muscle and skeletal mass, and fat mass are distributed throughout your body.

What do you do with the information?

With this data, we will collaborate with you to develop a wellness plan tailored to help you reach your specific health goals, whether you want to sleep better, lose weight, or enhance your daily nutrition and energy levels.

Let us support you with our knowledge and tools like InBody. Now through Labor Day, we are offering a FREE InBody analysis ($150 value).