We’re in the News: Dr. Westmoreland’s New Practice Featured in Sun Thisweek!

We are thrilled to share that our new medical practice in Apple Valley has been highlighted in a recent article by Sun Thisweek. The piece showcases our unique approach to healthcare, focusing on personalized, holistic patient care.

At Concierge Medicine of Minnesota, we believe in dedicating ample time to each patient, ensuring that all aspects of their health and wellness are addressed. This philosophy is at the core of our mission to provide comprehensive and compassionate care.

Dr. Westmoreland’s vision is to move beyond the traditional, rushed medical appointments found in the current primary care experience. We emphasize longer visits, allowing for in-depth discussions and a thorough understanding of each patient’s needs. By integrating lifestyle medicine and wellness into our patient encounters, we aim to improve overall patient outcomes and satisfaction.

We are proud to be recognized for our commitment to creating a welcoming environment where patients feel heard and cared for. This feature is a testament to our dedication to revolutionizing healthcare in Apple Valley.

We invite you to read the full article here and learn more about how we are making a difference in our community. Thank you for your continued support!

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