Complimentary Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Breast cancer prevention is our main goal, and the BCRAPP is our tool to EDUCATE and EMPOWER you. Concierge Medicine of Minnesota is offering complimentary breast cancer risk assessments through Labor Day ($100 value).

During your consultation, we will:
  1. Educate you about your individual breast cancer risk and lifestyle factors that impact risk and inform you of options for breast cancer screening based on your individual risk of breast cancer.
  2. Empower you with knowledge and the steps you can take to lower your risk and make the right decisions about your health.
How Your Individual Results Are Calculated 

Your individual breast cancer risk results are not generic, they’re tailored specifically to you. Your personal information, biometric data, reproductive data, breast density,  and multi-generational history are all factored into two validated breast cancer  risk assessment models (the Gail Model and IBIS  Version 8). These tools  provide a comprehensive view of your personal five-year, ten-year, and lifetime  risk of breast cancer, compared to the general population.

As you review your results and the accompanying educational materials, remember that your report is not the end of the journey, but a valuable starting point. It’s an EDUCATIONAL TOOL that should prompt further discussion with your healthcare provider, who can provide additional insights and guidance based on your unique situation.

Knowledge is Power

If your risk assessment report suggests your risk is higher than that of the general population, you can take steps to lower your risk and screen more aggressively.

If your risk assessment report suggests your risk is lower than that of the general population, your risk of other health conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, might be more important to consider.

Congratulations on making your health a priority.